Nike SB Dunks
I coordinated the promotion and marketing of the regular releases of the extremely popular Nike SB Dunk Pro skateboarding sneaker for CCS. These in-demand shoes required a raffle program conducted through social media and email campaigns to give customers a fair chance at ownership. The promotions built CCS's reputation and engagement while guiding consumers through the raffle process as well as promoted the value-added CCS+ Membership program. 
In order to differentiate and elevate the CCS Dunk drops, we created our own assets including short video Reels to preview the footwear, wear test videos with professional skaters and celebrities, and informative blog content with historical context on the specific shoe..

Instagram Reel previewing the 'Bart Simpson' Dunk from Nike SB.

Instagram Story video that teased the Light Cognac Dunk with a little behind the scenes look at CCS.

The Ishod
I created content and copy for Nike SB’s signature shoe for pro skater Ishod Wair, including social media, email marketing, and product description web pages.
At CCS, we wanted to highlight the impressive footwear technology features as well as the retro basketball-inspired aesthetics, all while elevating our promotions with unique assets and copywriting to stand out from other e-commerce footwear retailers who simply used Nike provided imagery and text.
The timing of The Ishod coincided with social media’s algorithmic switch to a preference for short video over still photography. When each new colorway would drop, our goal was to quickly create still slides and video content to drive awareness and demand for the product with an emphasis on the eye catching aesthetic details. 
What The P-Rod Dunk
I created in-depth content for the release of pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez’s “What The P-Rod” Dunk Low by Nike SB. This was a special release containing elements of 16 of Paul’s previous signature, so we wanted to create something that would not only promote this sneaker and Nike SB, but elevate the CCS brand as a place rich in skateboarding history with in depth website content.

In addition to our posts, stories, tweets, and emails about the drop, I created a blog article that revealed 10 interesting Paul Rodriguez career facts with information about his acting career, board sponsors, brand ownership, video game likenesses, and previous associations with CCS. It was an opportunity to coordinate with outside content creators who had made graphics for the What The P-Rod shoe, utilize SEO keyword and hyperlink optimization to drive traffic to the CCS site and skate brand pages, and even reinvigorate older CCS video content that had been dormant to emphasize our solid roots in skateboarding as well as footwear.

With a turnaround time of just 3 days we not only had one of CCS’ most successful shoe drops, but also created our most viewed blog posts to date.

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