HUF x James Jarvis Collection
Artist James Jarvis collaborated with streetwear apparel brand HUF Worldwide on a pack of shirts and accessories featuring his sketched interpretations of classic action photographs of late HUF founder Keith Hufnagel.
For CCS, I reached out to the artist to see if he might be interested in talking about the collaboration for a blog article and some social posts. I did some quick research to locate the original photographs that inspired the graphics as well as some context about the skating depicted. With very little turnaround time we were able to create original web content, enhance the apparel capsule for the brand, and engage with both the skate nerds as well as the streetwear aficionados within our social media following.

HUF x Marvel Comics
Incredible Hulk 60th Anniversary Collection

A frequent challenge is to create original content and copy for marketing opportunities like social media, emails, and website product pages. For the HUF x Marvel Comics capsule that celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Incredible Hulk, I took the product images provided by the brand and quickly edited them into a quick animated video Reel.
Small touches in the video, like featuring original Hulk comic books (in addition to the printed CCS catalog) and using the instrumental version of the Incredible Hulk television show them, as well as referencing the original art source on the product description page, are great examples of how we can elevate our content above our competitors by matching our audience’s interest in the products. We found that these efforts don’t go unnoticed by customers as well as the brands we supported.

CCS' social media Reel for HUF x Marvel products product description page for HUF x Marvel Hulk Shorts

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